Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crocodiles and a Room With No Doors

The other morning after having awakened to the sounds of crocodiles playing draughts outside my window, I had a brief mental image of a room madly askew and confining, and soon set myself to inking it as the back of my eyes had beheld it. As with most attempts to capture a thought on paper, I am certain I have neglected details which inhabited the original reverie, but I whit this is the closest I am able to express. I am not altogether unaware of the piece's suggestion of possibly being a self portrait, though this was not the intent. Sometimes a little truth cannot help but confess itself in the creation of a fabrication, especially if that truth is subject to extroverted behaviour, or is in fact, of a very flamboyant disposition.


  1. this is superb, so striking! I love your art!

  2. I'm digging the look of this...
    his expression and well as the play of the shadows with the stripes... awesome!

  3. Many thanks! I am happy you both enjoy it - and indeed, Mai, the shadows on stripes are very fun to ink!