Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Bat-Man Mystery

What melodramatic melodies the dread shadow of the Bat-Man plays upon the walls of an Old Dark House! That fearsome creature of the night created by the adventurous mind of Bob Kane in 1939 is silhouetted perfectly within the looming door frames and rain-soaked windows of a ghostly estate. It is this pairing of character and setting, which is so uncannily suited to one another, that inspires these series of images.


Batman is a registered trademark of DC Comics

Batman created by Bob Kane

Illustrations © 2011 by J.E.Larson


  1. Thanks, Cat;) You are very sweet -

  2. I'm glad you think so, Naomie - thanks:)

  3. My youngest now sleeps in his own chambers,(instead of the hall outside my door). He has been told Gotham's finest is his personal protector. But I have to wonder, how would he respond if he was awaken finding his hero playing with shadows upon his wall? Your talent is amazing! Completely astonishing!

  4. That is adorable - I am sure Bats would keep his spookiness to a minimum to ensure your youngest not to be frightened;)

  5. Awesome drawings but I admit that I am a little soul-crushed to learn that this is not a real story fully illustrated!