Thursday, January 21, 2010

Printing Prints of Printable Printings

Out of curiosity and sneaking speculation I thought I would perhaps amble the path of online printing resources, thus offering a few of my works in larger and more three dimensional attitudes. I was referred to a site which deals in such, and so started a small collection of illustration prints available for purchase in various sizes and guises. I am steadily adding to it every few days so I hope you might investigate and extend the word to any who might enjoy these works. And I have also begun doing commissions as well, so any who might want to visit with me about projects or possibilities, feel free to send me a note -

The link to my purchasable prints:



  1. I love this! i can tell you like Tim Burton. I just saw his exhibit in Los Angeles. Keep drawing and more!

  2. Thank you - I appreciate that - I am sure the exhibit was fantastic:)